1. Online booking facility is allowed only for both way tickets. Passengers who want to book only for one way may contact our booking facility on the spot.
  2. Online ticket can booked at least 24 hour before the date journey.
  3. Online cancellation of tickets can be done not later than 24 hours before the date of journey.
  4. The Company reserves the right, without assigning any reason, to cancel, advance, reschedule, over-fly or delay the commencement or continuance of the flight or after the stopping place or places or to deviate from the route of the journey or to change the type of aircraft in use without thereby incurring any liability in damages or otherwise to the passengers or any other person on any ground whatsoever. The Company reserves to itself the right to refuse to carry any person whom it considers unfit for travel or what in the opinion of the company may constitute risk to the aircraft or to the persons on board.
  5. ⦁ Passengers in each slot will be serviced on first com first served basis.⦁ Those who do not report in time shall be placed at the bottom of next slot. For same day return you will be given 120 minutes at ManiMahesh. The return flight shall be on first come first serve basis. ⦁ Those booked in afternoon slots are unlikely to return the same day. Therefore, such passengers are advised to arrange their accommodation at Gourikund.
  6. The cancellation charges applicable shall be as under:
    1. Up to 5 days or more before the boarding date of journey: - 25% of ticket price.
    2. Less than 5 days and up to 24Hrs from the date of journey : - 50% of the ticket price.
    3. Less than 24 Hrs from the date of journey : NO SHOW , NO REFUND.
  7. Tickets booked through the agents shall be refunded to the agents only.
  8. In no case the company is liable to provide accommodation to the passengers if the flight is not operated due to any reason.
  9. In case of cancellation of flight due to bad weather or technical snag, usually the PTD shall be cancelled and full refund shall be made. In case a passenger wants to shift the ticket to next day , it will be considered only subject to the availability of seats and after accommodating the passengers of that day.
  10. In the case of a return ticket, if one leg of the journey is completed and the other leg is not completed either due to technical reasons or weather conditions, the passengers shall be entitled to refund of 50% of the ticket cost. The un-availed leg of journey is to be cancelled by UTair Officials on the site with stamp and reason for cancellation.
  11. Refund, if any will be made only on producing the Original Receipt / PTD with Cancellation endorsement of UTair’s Authorized Official. No Refunds are admissible on lost/photocopy of tickets or verbal cancellation. Refunds in cases of cancellation of flights due to bad weather or technical reasons against tickets booked online by using debit/credit cards/net banking etc. shall be made only at the Head Office of the Company. For claiming refunds against such tickets, the cancelled ticket with UTair official’s endorsement/ stamp need be sent to our Registered office by courier/speed post. Refund, if any, against cancelled tickets are to be claimed by 10th October, 2018 latest. Claims received after this date will not be entertained.
  12. Change of name of passenger is not permitted.
  13. Passengers are requested to report at the departure heliport at the notified Reporting Time. Passengers reporting beyond this time shall be treated as ‘NO SHOW’ passengers and the Company reserves the right to allot the seat to other passenger.
  14. Senior citizens, VIPs, ladies, children, Chartered Passengers and physically handicapped passengers will have priority over all other passengers. Advanced booked passengers will have priority over spot booked passengers.
  15. Passengers are requested to follow all the safety instructions and other terms and conditions displayed at the helipad.
  16. Item of explosive nature, sharp objects like knife, scissors, blades, screw drivers, match boxes, cigarette lighters, firearms, crackers etc. shall not be allowed on board. In case a passenger is carrying any firearm, he has to declare it before hand to the Pilots and deposit it with him along with the license. Photography is prohibited at Helipad and during flying.
  17. Children above 2 year will be considered as Adult and will be charged full fare. In case of dispute regarding age of children/infants, valid proof of age shall be the only deciding factor.
  18. Passengers weighing more than 85 Kgs body wight will be required to pay extra charges as under on the spot:
    i) 86 Kgs to 95 Kgs - Rs 500 per passenger
    ii) 96 Kgs to 105 Kgs - Rs 1000 per passenger
    iii) 106 Kgs to 115 Kgs - Rs 1500 per passenger
    iv) 116 Kgs to 125 Kgs - Rs 2000 per passenger and so on
    The above extra charges are for one way only. On both way tickets the extra charges will be double.
  19. Following documents are accepted as valid Photo IDs; Valid Passport / Valid Driving License /Aadhaar Card/ Election Photo ID /PAN Card / Photo ID issued by Govt. / PSU and School Photo ID.
  20. Reporting time is not to be confused with boarding time; boarding time may take place between 1 – 2 hours after the reporting time.
  21. Effort will be made to accommodate passenger in their own group. However, due to weight, flight availability or weather conditions, it may not be possible to ensure this. Therefore, the passenger might have to travel alone in separate flights even if you are a part of a Group.
  22. The Minimum waiting period of passengers would be 2-3 hours but it may exceed to 3-4 hours as per the ground situation such as weather condition, time of refueling the helicopter or Non- Availability of passengers at either side.
  23. Ticket issued against cheque payment is subject to realization of cheque.
  24. UTair India reserves the right to make changes in these terms and conditions at any time and the same shall be binding on the passengers.
  25. Disputes, if any, are to be settled by Courts in Delhi who will have the Jurisdiction in this regard.

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